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  • Acrylic painting titled SUN AND SHADOWS-SOLD
    Large square painting from Lake Alexandrina,Canterbury. Approx sizes W76cm, H-76cm, D3.8cm. In this painting I wanted to show a beautiful sunny winters day, the sun so bright it made the branches on the tree glow. Also the little boat house to the side and the stones in the front showing how super clear water the water was.
  • Original landscape painting titled SUNBAKED for sale - SOLD
    Approx sizes W-101.1cm, H-76cm, D-3.8cm The Coromandel has so many amazing places and Flaxmill Bay is one of them. I was particularly struck by the cloud formations and the intense blue in the sky while I was there. I felt particularly lucky when I saw the boats lying on the grass, it balanced the sky.
  • Landscape painting titled SILVER LINING-SOLD
    Large painting. Sizes Height 23.93 inches (approx 60.8cm). Width 35.82 inches (approx 91cm). Depth 1.49inches (approx 3.8cm). Large signed acrylic painting on boxed canvas, with painted edges, and sealed ready to hang. Painting of cliff at Raglan beach, overlooking the sea with sunlight bouncing off the clouds, water and flax in the foreground.
  • Acrylic painting titled WINTER SUN AT WANAKA- SOLD
    Where-Lake Wanaka, SI. Approx sizes W-91.2cm, H60.7cm, D-3.8cm
  • Landscape painting titled SUNNY SHADOWS-SOLD
    Where-Lake Alexandrina,Canterbury Approx sizes W-76cm, D-76cm, D-3.8cm
  • Landscape painting titled PERFECT VIEW for sale - SOLD
    Approx sizes W-71.5cm, H-55.6cm, D-3.8cm As I walked toward the beach at Opito Bay, I thought imagine seeing this every day, its got to be the perfect view. So I felt the need to paint it and create a view forever.
  • Landscape painting titled TREE AT WANAKA
    Where-Wanaka, NZ. Approx sizes W-91cm, H-60.8cm, D-3.8cm
  • Original landsccape titled Sunrise at Wanaka - POA
    Large painting. Sizes Height 23.93 inches (approx 60.8cm). Width 35.82 inches (approx 91cm). Depth 1.49inches (approx 3.8cm). Large signed acrylic painting on boxed canvas, with painted edges, and sealed ready to hang. This painting shows an cold early winter morning with the sunrise coming over the mountains catching alight at Wanaka lake.
  • Acrylic landscape titled DECENDING CLOUDS -SOLD
    Where- Lake Rotoiti, Tasman Region. Approx sizes H-60.5cm, W-91cm, D-3.8cm We had arrived just before the skies totally clouded up, so there was still good lighting and colour on the water and some of the distant mountains
  • Acrylic landscape titled NINETY MILES - SOLD
    Where- Cape Reinga, NZ North Island. Approx sizes 91 x 60.5cm x 3.8cm
  • Acrylic landscape painting titled SIESTA TIME- SOLD
    Where- near Whangaruru, NZ North Island. Sizes Height approx 55.7 (nearly 22 inches), Width 70.7 (27.83 inches), Depth approx 3.8 (1.49 inches). Spent Easter 2021 at a bach in Whangaruru, Northland and saw this beautiful wooden row boat basking in the sun, parked up on the grass. The sun reflecting on the brilliant blue water and nearby trees made it a must paint.
  • Acrylic painting titled PATHWAY TO THE SUN
    Size Height-51cm (20.07inches), Width-75.7cm(29.80inches),Depth-3.8cm(1.49inches) I went for a walk one early morning at Spring Beach, Orford, Tasmania. The sun was rising and casting a bright warm glow on the water, Maria Island was in the distance, and shrubs and flowers were in the foreground, totally awe inspiring.
  • Landscape acrylic painting titled JETTY NEAR MANGONUI SOLD
    Size 760 x 1016mm (30" x 40") I was inspired to paint this after a trip to Mangonui. I changed the composition of the photos a little to suit my painting and tried to make it look like you could walk into the picture.
    Medium sized painting- Sizes: Height approx 45.5cm (nearly 18inches) Width 60.7cm (nearly 24inches) Depth approx 3.8cm (1.49 inches). Signed acrylic painting on boxed canvas, with painted edges, and sealed ready to hang Featuring Rakaia Gorge, with the Rakaia bridge in the distance. It was our first trip to the Rakai Gorge and Wow, what a place. The sparkling aqua colours of the river makes you want to pinch yourself as you cant believe its real.
    Large painting - Sizes: Height 23.81 inches (approx. 60.5cm) Width 35.5 inches (approx. 91.5cm) Depth 1.49 inches (approx.3.8cm) Large signed acrylic painting on boxed canvas, with painted edges, and sealed ready to hang. Driving along Arthurs Pass, South Island we stopped to look at this amazing view, the sun peaking out and shining on the distant field, the beautiful flowers growing wild, and the mist coming down on the mountains. It felt like a slice of heaven.
  • Landscape painting of Bay of Islands, painting titled BEAT YOU TO THE BEACH-SOLD
    Size 70.5 x 55.6 (27.75 x 21.88inches ). I saw this pathway while driving on the road to Russell. It was a little hidden by bush, yet well troden. I saw so many colours on the path with the shadows and exposed roots of the trees, the view of the sea peaking through.
  • Landscape painting titled STROLL AT TORPEDO BAY-Sold
    Sizes: Height 45cm, Width 91cm, Depth 3.8cm (17.71x35.82x1.49 inches) I was inspired to paint this after a walk on Torpedo Bay, Devonport. It was a lovely spring day and there were a few kids playing on the beach and a young girl walking along the shore line with beautiful houses and trees of Devonport in the back ground.
  • Landscape acrylic painting of a pier stretching into the sunny waters at Port Albert, NZ, painting called PIER OVER SUNNY WATERS SOLD
    Size: Height 23.81 inches (approx. 60.5cm), Width 35.5 inches (approx. 91.5cm), Depth 1.49 inches (approx.3.8cm) This painting shows people walking and fishing off Port Albert pier with shallow waters lapping below it, mountains in the distance

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